Our Weight Loss Hypnosis in Michigan is for people who are ready to FINALLY get weight loss handled...

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Our weight loss hypnosis program in Novi, Farmington Hills, and Northville, Michigan is excellent for people who want to finally deal with losing weight, even if your weight has been a life long issue.

We've been helping people overcome their emotional eating, bad food choices, lack of exercise and picky eating and more for over 12 years.

Please take the time to listen to some of our clients' stories in their own words, and see if you identify with anything.

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Audio Testimonials for Weight Loss Hypnosis in Michigan

"I didn't even think it worked the first time...or wouldn't last a week...

But I do not snack at all...I'm quite baffled at this whole process to be quite honest..."*

Debbie Sills

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Able to reset my thinking and take control of myself..."*

Inga Gutarts 

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Wasn't scary like I thought it would be..."*

Becky Wagner 

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

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"I came actually NOT skeptical, because I had no hope..."*

Irene Ledemer

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I wanted less unhealthy food, that was the biggest change...

I thought...who eats this stuff...this is awful...it's like the bad foods don't even exist..."*

Jeannie Smith

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I used to use food to anesthetize myself...now, I'm not fighting with myself, that's the difference..."*

Gerri Allen 

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

If you're sick and tired of knowing WHAT to do, but just can't do it, click here to learn how we can help you.

"Wasn't sure it could be done to me...but the results just become part of your daily routine..."*

Burt Zharnest

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I feel so much better about myself...I'm not nearly as self-critical towards myself..."*

Natalie Kilkenny

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I was skeptical, but now I don't eat out of boredom, I don't eat out of stress...

...I feel like a new person..."*

Molly Hinds

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I have an incredible sweet tooth, but after my sessions, I don't even want it anymore..."*

Michelle Hayfee 

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Before, I would just try and shove down my emotions with food...I'm more hopeful now, it's a weight off my shoulders..."*

Carolyn Shaw

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I didn't know if it would work, but I wanted to give it a try...

Before, I would find myself eating things just to eat...I eat a lot less now, I feel a lot happier about everything I'm doing now...*"

Christa Gibson

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I was quite hesitant, this was something new for me. I was very questionable to see if it would help...but it was definitely worth the time and energy..."*

Kathy S. 

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary

If you are finally get some help with this area of your life, please call for your FREE, no-obligation phone consultation today.

* Important Disclaimer: While hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to accomplish change, it is not a "magic wand." It DOES take some conscious commitment and effort on the client's part. While we have an excellent track record and 12+ years of amazing results for our clients, every person's results may vary. Hypnosis is a partnership, and your results will depend in part on YOUR level of participation and effort. We can't "make you" do anything. But if you are ready to make powerful changes in your life, this is a powerful tool to help you in your journey. Contact us today to learn more.